KalimagesPRO image metadata software tool by SOFT EXPERIENCE - Generate a digital image database using embedded IPTC metadata and photo comments for full image text searchSimplifying image management tasks in digital imaging workflow for photographers, photo journalists, stock photo agencies, libraries and image funds companies.

Kalimages PRO - build a professional images database working with metadata standards (IPTC and XMP)

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Kalimages PRO software

Make your photo collection more accessible and full-text searchable with Kalimages PRO.

Kalimages PRO is an innovative tool to build an information database and a search engine for images or digital photographies.
It collects all standard metadata embedded in your images: legacy IPTC/IIM and new IPTC Core, but also any custom data that may have been written into your images using your proprietary XMP custom schemas. 

Kalimages PRO professional software utility gathers and loads information directly from images into a relational SQL database for full text indexation of image repositories.  

Selected image folders are scanned for extraction of embbedded IPTC/IIM, IPTC Core and custom XMP data that describes each image.  

IPTC editing software according IPTC standard - meta data

Learn more about  IPTC/IIM, IPTC Core  and XMP:  FAQ Kalimages for  image metadata creation, search, management & extraction 

and our page in French Métadonnées: une initiation

Main features 
  • Gets the full sets of image metadata exporting file properties from photo files:
    • the legacy IPTC/IIM and the non standard "IPTC-like" fields (those with dataset numbers that are not in IIM range),
    • the customized Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) information entered via custom panels on Photoshop, Kalimages or any other XMP compatible solution,
      Kalimages Pro can capture up to 100 different XMP fields in up to 10 different schemas (Names Spaces).
  • The collected metadata can be stored in any professional database that supports ODBC:
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, etc.
  • Supports the JPEG and TIFF image formats, 
  • It can create thumbnails for fast display of the results using a search engine based on  metadata collected.
  • Is based on widely used images metadata standards, 
  • Allows you to use your own proprietary metadata stored using XMP standards, 
  • A low cost solution to start a powerful full text search on huge images asset.

 Platform and technical architecture

  • Kalimages PRO is a Windows application running on 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. 
  • Images can be scanned from any attached drive including Unix/Linux with Samba; write rights are required to create thumbnails.
  • The SQL database can be on any server (Kalimages PRO accesses the database using an ODBC driver)
  • Interface language: English
  • current version: 1.0.12
  • Caution: if you experience a problem with Microsoft XML parser version 6 (MSXML6) not installed, please download it first,  install it and after run Kalimages PRO.

Five easy steps to create a professional images database

How to build an images database ? step 1

Step 1: install a professional SQL database system and create an empty database

How to build an images database ? step 2

Step 2: define ODBC connection to your database

How to build an images database ? step 3

Step 3: define table where collected metadata will be stored

How to build an images database ? step 4

Step 4: define the image metadata to collect

How to build an images database ? step 5

Step 5: define folders containing images and scan folders. That's all!

And now, what can I do with my SQL images database ? You can run a search engine on your images metadata stored within the SQL database; you can use for example a full-text search engine shipped from Oracle or MS SQL Server.
You can also run open source tools like Lucene, Sphinx, any commercial product like DTSearch or Ocelluz, or build your own engine.
An interesting and simpliest tool is DBSight, an online full-text solution for relational databases. Its feature-packed out-of-the-box installation allows IT professionals to setup, run, and maintain their online full-text searches on any relational databases with minimum effort.
DBSight is based on Lucene, a free/open source information retrieval library supported by the Apache Software Foundation.

Below is a sample process chain to build a powerful full text search solution based on your own metadata that describes your images:
How to build a search engine for your images ?

Searching in a database containing more than
1 500 000 images in a fragment of second
DBSight search engine


 For more technical or commercial information about Kalimages PRO, please contact : info@softexperience.com

We can help you developping your images database: XMP proprietary schemas, custom panels, DBSight integration, etc.
Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

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 Kalimages: Managing digital images using IPTC embedded metadata for search and reporting - fileproperties, taxonomy software, xmp meta data manager
Kalimages is a full IPTC/XMP database solution for all digital camera users: 
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